Different types of buttons in Rolex Daytona


In this short article, we want to show you the different button models of Rolex Daytona. They are divided into four generations, the first of which is the simplest for the model.

References 6239, 6241,6262 and 6264 have pump 24-P3 push buttons. For these references, one sometimes also finds replacement pressure-proof screw-down push buttons, possibly fitted during a maintenance service in order to improve the water-tightness of the case.

References 6240, 6263, 6265, 6269 and 6270 have pressure-proof screw-down buttons (1964 Rolex patent). There are three generations of pressure-proof screw-down push buttons: the first with knurled buttons, nicknamed “Milerighe” by collectors, fitted on reference 6240 and only initially on the references 6263 and 6265: the second and third with fluted buttons of the 24-P301 and 24-P302 type for references 6263, 6265, 6269 and 6270.

It is important to note that during maintenance services, Rolex often used to replace knurled “Millerghe” buttons by factory-mode spare-part fluted buttons, which were more user-friendly. Rolex uses the expression “pressure-proof screw-down push buttons” to refer to its water-resistant screw-down push buttons.

Rolex Daytona parts – You can found dials, bezels, buttons, crystals, crowns and etc.

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