Omega Chronostop Calibre 865

This hand-wound calibre, fitted with a stop and zero action mechanism, called the Chronostop, is the basis of a new collection of models intended specially for the younger consumer. With the Chronostop, which is actuated by a push-piece, it is possible to carry out all kinds of timing jobs to 1/5 of a second.

The models of this family are available in two sizes:

1) The technical watch, waterproof to 120 metres, with wide diameter and inside ring carrying the divisions.
2) A small-diameter watch, waterproof to 3 atmospheres, which can be synchronized to a second with the radio time signal.

With its dial graduated to 1/5 of a second, it can be used for sports-timing, in Industry and in laboratories.
The same model is available with a dial so designed that it can be worn exclusively on the inside of the wrist, i.e. 12 o’clock is perpendicular to the strap and can be read in the axis of the arm.

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