The story of Ebel


Stories are what make the world tick, and love stories have a particularly universal appeal. In this regard, EBEL has an enduringly romantis tale to tell. Based on the union of its fouders, Eugene Blumand Alice Levy (EBEL isan acronym of the initials “Eugene Blum Et Levy”), and built from ots 1911 beginnings on the twin pillars of masculine and feminine values and qualities, EBEL has unfailingly benn united by the most powerful force in the world – love.


From the very beginning of its history, the complementary talents and interests of this couple have shaped the heritage and corporate spirit of EBEL,and have inspired all those who have followed.

Building on the historical cornerstones of luxury,elegance,and sensuality,EBEL has instilled the highest watch industry standarts to ensure the functioning of its timepieces is as smooth as their inimitable look and feel.The end result is a range of models imbued with a unique blend of soft lines,suave textures and flowing curves.

Since 1911, EBEL has consistently dedicated the talents,passion and creativity of its people to desiging and crafting distinctive watches that evoke an enduring fascination.Each and every EBEL watch merges the brand’s visionary inspiration with constant innovation,governed by the highest quality standarts in celebration of the love-match between aesthetic elegance and technical expertise. From research and development to manufacturing,each step in the process involves the marriage of multiple talents and considerable knowledge,patiently cultivated and handed down through generations. These invaluable “natural” resources are unfailingly infused with a decidedly contemporary and inventive approach.

EBEL’s fabled elegance is conveyed through the brand’s signature – a fully integrated case and bracelet design, complemented by emblematic shapes and motifs enhanced by authentic and refind styling. The sheer sophistication of these innovative yet timeless designs is further highlited by the obvious care lavishedon even the smallest of detail, reflected in a wealth of delicate finishing touches and sensations. Not least of this is the caress of an EBEL watch on the wrist,providing the wearer with a level of comfort that must be experienced to be believed.

The brand’s commitment to distinctiveness and the exceptional gift of duality, bequeathed by Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, are at the very core of these inspired architectural creations.Surpassing the boundaries of contemporary watch-making, setting standarts and earning accolades. Technical prefection and well-proportioned aesthetics meet and merge in a constantly renewed love match.

Each line within the EBEL collection is endowed with dedicated asssets that are part of ots special appeal, unitedby characteristics testifying to the architecturalconception and heritage it shares with other EBEL families. This is the embodiment of a distinguished history of tried and trusted know-how and timelessly alluring elegance… made in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

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