What is Seiko Diashock protection ?

What is Seiko Diashock protection ?

Diashock (shock resistant device) is installed in every SEIKO watch.
It protects the balance staff against even repeated and violent impacts and helps make every SEIKO watch a highly accurate timepiece.

Salient features of Diashock include

  1. dynamic stability,
  2. high resistance to shock,
  3. improved oil retention,
  4. wide interchangeability, making for easy service


The spring is easily removed by turning it gently with tweezers.


Set the spring gradually into a Diashock frame by fitting and turning its three hooks one by one into the notch of the frame.


After cleaning of applying Epilame treatment, cover the cap jewel and hole jewel with frame from the right above after oiling the cap jewel. Apply oil so that the quantity spreads over a maximum of one-half to a minimum of one-third of the hole jewel diameter, in the condition of setting the cap jewel, and hole jewel with frame. (Moebius Synt-A-Lube)

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