Seiko TV Watch – Seiko TR02-01 from 1982


Seiko TR02-01 (1982, Japan).
1.2” b&w LCD. Here’s the very first real, honest-to-goodness wrist TV! Consisting of three units-the wrist display, the pocket receiver, and the headphones the Seiko Watch delivered VHF/UHF television, FM stereo radio, as well as time, alarm, calendar, and stopwatch functions. The TV display Seiko called an active-matrix field-effect guest-host liquid crystal. In explaining the technology, they went on to say. “The TV pictures appear in response to external light. This means that the brighter the light, the clearer the pictures will be. (You cannot watch the TV in complete darkness.)” Whatever the technology and whatever the explanation, the picture is pretty, well, dim. All is forgiven, though, because the Seiko TV Watch is just so cool. TV/radio functions are powered by two penlite batteries in the pocket unit; a tiny baterry in the watch powers the watch functions. An AC adaptor was also supplied. The headphone is required in order to hear the audio (there is no speaker) and its cord functions as the antenna.

The model is known as Seiko James Bond 007

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