Movement of clock-watch in brass


Left: Movement of clock-watch in brass, by Thomas Chamberlain of Chelmsford; England, c. 1630-40; dia. 2” (5.08 cm.).

Right: Dial side of case of the clock-watch showing delicate pierced work.

This family evinced high class work outside London at a comparatively early date, as with this fine specimen predating the introduction of the balance spring (hairspring). The balance cock is pinned on as is the count wheel. The latter has notches at increasing intervals to control the number of blows struck. The bell is inside the pierced case. The pillars are nicely turned and the border of the top plate decorated by engraving. The setting up mechanism for the going mainspring is missing; the striking mainspring has a decorated guard.

The cover serves the protective function of a glass, and can be opened by releasing the catch at the bottom. The design represents the Angel preventing Abraham from sacrificing Isaac; the head of the ram is shown at the left. The pendant is also decorated: the watch would be worn round the neck.

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