Omega Speedmaster Moon Watches produced over the years


In this article we will describe 19 Omega watches released over the years. Different models of Omega Speedmaster watches have been released for different occasions and events, so let’s start with the earliest model.

1969 Apollo XI

A limited edition of 1014 watches with gold cases, gold dials and rose-gold-plated movements commemorates the moon landing.

1975 Apollo-Soyuz

A limited edition of 500 watches with the mission’s logo on the dial, a Saturn rocket on the caseback and the words “Gemini Apollo Soyuz” was made to commemorate the Apollo-Soyuz test project.

1989 Apollo XI

Approximately 6250 watches with engraving on the side marked the 20th anniversary of the moon landing.

1991 MIR

Ten watches with engraved casebacks were made for Germany to commemorate the Mir space station. They spent three months, ending in March 1991, aboard the Mir space station

1994 Apollo XI

A limited edition of 2500 watches with steel cases and black dials, 500 with white-gold cases and crystal casebacks, and 50 with platinum cases, skeletonized movements and sapphire casebacks was produced for the 25th anniversary of Apollo XI. A series of 999 watches with steel cases, crystal casebacks and engraving on the sides was made for Italy.

1995 Apollo-Soyuz

Two hundred watches with gold cases and engraving on the sides were made for Italy to mark the 20th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz test project.

1995 MIR

The second Mir special edition comprised 28 watches in steel and seven in gold. All 35 spent a year in orbit aboard the Mir space station.

1995 Apollo XIII

A series of 999 watches was made for the 25th anniversary of Apollo XIII. Each watch is numbered on the caseback and has the mission’s logo on the dial.

1998 “Replica”

A replica of the original Speedmaster from 1957 was produced in an unlimited steel version and in a limited edition of 150 pieces in gold.

1998 Mission watches

All mission models in the mission carrying case were released individually except the Apollo XIII model. Shown here, Skylab III.

1999 Apollo XI

A limited series of 9999 watches with engraved casebacks and serial numbers was made to mark the 30th anniversary of man’s first moon landing.

2000 Apollo-Soyuz

The 25th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz test project was commemorated with 50 watches with gold cases and engraved casebacks.

2002 “Last man on the moon”

Thirty years after Apollo XVII made the last flight to the moon, 3000 numbered watches were produced to mark the event. Each watch has an embossed mission logo on the caseback.

2003 Snoopy award

The award given by the NASA astronauts to Omega in October 1970 was commemorated with a series of 5441 numbered watches with the Snoopy Award logo on the seconds sub-dial and on the caseback.

2004 Apollo XI

A limited edition of 3500 watches marked the 35th anniversary of the first moon landing. Each has a slivered dial with black counters and the date of the moon landing, a crystal caseback and a mission logo.

2004 “From the moon to mars”

This unlimited but numbered series was produced to commemorate NASA’s new plans for space travel. The Earth, the moon and Mars are printed on the sub-dials.

2005 “First space walk”

This watch with a blue dial and a caseback with the “Gemini 4” logo marked the 40th anniversaryof the first space walk.

2006 Apollo XV

Omega produced a series of 1971 watches to mark the 35th anniversary of Apollo XV. Each watch has a rose-gold crown, pushers, bezel, hands and subdial rings, and a crystal caseback with mission logo.

2008 Alaska Project

Developed in 1970 but never serially manufactured, this version of the Speedmaster was developed to withstand the extreme temperatures in outer space. To mark the date, 1970 watches were made each with white dial and red anodized aluminum case.

2009 Apollo XI

Forty years after the moon landing, Omega manufactured a series of 7969 watches with steel cases and silver mission logo on the seconds subdial, and 69 watches with platinum case and gold-colored mission logo.

2010 Apollo-Soyuz

Thirty-five years after the Apollo-Soyuz test project, 1975 watches commemorate the event. Each dial is made of meteorite and the watch has an embossed back depicting both spaceships.

2011 Apollo XV

Forty years after Apollo XV, 1971 watches commemorate mission. Each watch has red, white and blue on the dial and the caseback is embossed with an image of the mission’s lunar rover.

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