The oldest Rolex models


In this article we want to share some of the oldest and rarest models of Rolex. Nowadays, these rare models can be found very difficult. Let’s start with the first on the list.

Rolex 1527M Prince Railway “Observatory Quality”

The watch is from 1936, indeed this is a very rare piece.

Case: White/yellow 19-carat gold, snap-in back, leather strap, 4/5” x 1-3/5” (22x42mm)

Watch Movement: Rhodium-plated, 15 jewels, 6 adj., manual-winding

Remarks: Rare Prince Railway in perfect condition with movement in Observatory quality.

Rolex 1491 Prince Brancard Chronometer Jumping Hours “Extra Prima Observatory Quality”

Case: White 9-carat gold, snap-in back, leather strap 9/10” x 1-7/10” (25x43mm)

Watch Movement: Rhodium-plated, 6 adj., manual-winding

Remarks: Rare chronometer with digital jumping hour display; this watch was offered with original box and rating certificate from Biel Observatory.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer 3347

Made for Ronchi, Milan

Case: Red 18-carat gold, screw-down back, leather strap 1-1/10” (29mm)

Watch Movement: Rhodium-plated, automatic

Remarks: Extremely rare, early Oyster with double hour index markings; the markers on the bezel, the “iii,” and the “ix” are set vertically while they are horizontal on the watch dial. The watch has a rare double signature “Ronchi Milano.”

Rolex 3361 Prince Aerodynamic Chronometer

Case: 18-carat rose gold, 7/10” x 1-4/5” (19x46mm), two-piece, snap-in back, leather strap

Watch Movement: Caliber 310, rhodium-plated, smoothed, polishing screws, Quality “Ultra Prima,” 18 jewels, 6 adj.

Remarks: Asymmetric Prince, “Aerodynamic,” introduced in 1939.

Diminishing case thickness in profile. The caliber 310 was manufactured from 1932-38, but also installed in the later Ultra Prima-quality Prince models.

This watch was offered with an 18-carat Rolex pin buckle.

Rolex 3348 Oyster Perpetual Chronometer

Case: Stainless steel, screw-down back, leather strap, 1-1/10” (29mm)

Watch Movement: Rhodium-plated, automatic

Remarks: Extremely rare Oyster chronometer with a very wide bezel

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