WITSCHI Q TEST 4100 review and manual operation instructions


The Q Test 4100 has all the capabilities for a professional and efficient watch repair service.

It is also an indispensable instrument for the watch laboratory, quality control and the retail store.

The design goals for the Q Test 4100 were functionality, compactness and ease of use. Highly sensitive signal sensors and selective filter circuits provide a trouble-free captation of the watch signal.

The Q Test 4100 features:

Accuracy measurement for any type of quartz, turning fork and mechanical watches.

Module power supply with variable voltage.

Test of minimum operation voltage.

Measurement by integration of the average consumption.

Continuity and insulation tests.

Tests magnetic pulses and measures coil resistance of analog watches.

Test watch batteries under load.

Tests alarm buzzers & LCD displays.

WITSCHI Q TEST 4100 was produced in the 80’s and is still used today by many watchmakers around the world

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