Omega 751 movement – specifications and photo


Omega 751 is Swiss automatic movement from 1960’s.

Quickset date

Automatic movement with 24 jewels

f = 19800 A/h

Power reserve: 50 hours

Diameter: 27.9 mm

omega caliber 751

More information about this movement:

The long and lamentably neglected calibre 751 is, as mentioned earlier, a sibling of the earlier mid-500 series calibres. The 24-jewel calibre 751 had a commercial life of about nine years until the Swiss watch crisis began to really bite in the mid-seventies.

The base calibre for the 751 is the 17-jewel calibre 563. The rotor bridge and the lower bridge for the rotor were sourced from calibre 551. A new plate was necessary to build the day/date function and a complimentary date indicator guard was designed to fit. The 563 date indicator was flattened to fit the new configuration, but basically the date mechanism and the quickset function are identical to the last modified calibre 563/564 models

A new day dial with star assembly was designed to attach to a day star driving wheel that was connected to the centre wheel assembly. The normal mid-500 series centre seconds design was used and advancing the day function is very much like how we should now advance the old calibre 561 non-quickset date in as much as advancing the time 24 hours in order to change the day.

The 751 was the last of the great production movements manufactured by Omega. Apart from being the power source for Constellations from 1966 to 1975, it also filled the elegantly designed gold case, milled from a block of solid 18k gold, of the famous BA168,023 “Golden” Seamaster. Rarer than any Costellation series ever produced, only approximately 1000 examples of the Golden Seamaster were ever built.

Today, some of the more discerning collectors are recognising the value of the calibre 751 and its direct lineage to the celebrated caliber 551.

The 751 is every bit as good as the earlier calibres and represents the youngest child of the famous family. Far from embodying the precociusness of the baby of the family, every thing that can be said about the earlier mid-500 calibres can be said about the 751.

The 751 was also the first caliber to power integrated bracelet models. In the mid 1960s, Omega initially resisted the demands from its dealers to produce integrated bracelet watches, but in 1969 it relented and produced the eminently collectible model ST 368.0845. Over the past twelve months there has been some movement in the price of this and other caliber 751 models as some of the aversion to this calibre evaporates in direct proportion to the significant rises in price for earlier mid-500 calibres.

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