How To Use Your Seiko Automatic Diver’s Watch: Cal. 6159, 6105, 2205


Professional Diver’s Watch – Cal. 6159 (Water resistant to 60 atmospheres) HI-BEAT 36,000 frequency movement.
Seiko Professional Diver’s Watch is specially designed for deep sea skin divers, and can withstand water pressure to a depth of 600 meters. This automatic watch has a one-piece case with specially reinforced glass (HARDLEX) and a screwed-in crown. The watch also has a HI-BEAT movement to prevent time fluctuation caused by sudden shocks during diving.

Diver’s Watch – Cal. 6105, 2205 (Water resistant to 15 atmospheres) Seiko Diver’s Watch can withstand water pressure to a depth of 150 meters. As for the crown stop system, a lock-type is used in the watch Cal. 6105 and a screwed-in type is used in the watch Cal. 2205.

How To Start The Watch:
Cal. 6159, 2205 watches:
To start the watch for the first time, unscrew the crown and wind it up fully.
Cal. 6105 watches:
To start the watch, hold it as shown in the illustration and swing it from side to side in a horizontal arc for about 30 seconds.
NOTE: If worn daily, SEIKO’s automatic mechanism will wind the mainspring automatically through normal wrist movement, eliminating the need for additional winding.

How To Set Time And Calendar:
The date changes automatically each day at about midnight. This change can also be made manually as follows:
1. To set the time – Pull the crown OUT all the way to the SECOND click (Cal. 2205 to the FIRST click) and set the time. Then push the crown IN.
2. To set the calendar – Cal. 6159, 6105 watches:
Pull the crown OUT to the FIRST click, and turn it CLOCKWISE. Then push the crown IN.
Cal. 2205 watches:
Pull the crown OUT from the FIRST click and then release it. Repeat this operation until the desired date appears. Then push the crown IN.
NOTE: (For Cal. 6159, 2205 watches) – Unscrew the crown before the above operations.

How To Set The Second Hand:
Cal. 6159, 6105 watches:
The sweep center hand (second hand) STOPS when the crown is PULLED OUT and resumes moving when the crown is returned to the normal position. By pulling the crown out and pushing it back to normal in coordination with a time signal, it is possible to set the sweep center hand to the exact second.

Cal. 6159 watches have a frequency of 36,000 per hour, twice that of ordinary watches. HI-BEAT watches can keep more precise time during actual use than ordinary watches, because the high frequency movements are less affected by shocks and wrist movements.

(for Cal. 6159, 2205 watches)
After using the crown, return the crown to the NORMAL position by pushing and screwing it.
(for Case No. 6105-8110 watches)
After using the crown, push the crown back to the NORMAL position and turn it COUNTERCLOCKWISE to lock as shown in the illustration on the inside back-cover of this booklet.

The ‘▼’ mark on the rotating bezel can be turned to mark the position of the minute or hour hand. This permits exact calculation of elapsed time.

(For Cal. 6159, 2205 watches) – Before using in water, make sure the crown is screwed on tight.
Do not operate the crown when the watch is wet or in water.
After the watch is used in water, or when it is wet, wipe it thoroughly dry. When it is exposed to sea water, rinse it in fresh water and then wipe it dry.
Have your SEIKO watch checked by an AUTHORIZED SEIKO DEALER periodically for case, crown, and crystal seal intactness.

LOCK DEVICE OF THE CROWN (For Cal. 6105, 2205, 6159 watches)


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