Bulova A-11 Navigation (Hack) Watch U. S. Army


Type A-11 Hack Navigation Watch, manufactured by the Bulova Watch Company, in accordance with U. S. Army Specification No. 94-27834-B and Amendment No. 1 dated January 17, 1944.

The type A-11 hack navigation watch is intended for use as an auxiliary to Master Navigation Watches AN5740 in the navigation of aircraft. It consists of a case, watch movement and suitable strap for fastening to the wearer’s wrist. The case is manufactured of nickel silver with a stainless steel threaded back. The watch movement is adjusted in two positions to the tolerances shown in U. S. Army Specification No. 94-27B34-B and Amendment No.1.

In a later model a convetional three-piece dustproof case is used. The case and screw-in bezel are chromium plated brass or nickel silver and the screw-on back is of stainless steel.

The hands, numerals and graduations are painted white. The dial has a dull durable black surface. The watch is equipped with a center pivoted sweep second hand in a addition to the regular hour and minute hands.

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