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Tanita 1479J2 digital mini scale 0.01 gr to 200 gr

$125.00 Ex Tax: $125.00 out of stock

Tanita 1479J2 professional digital pocket scale, in super-flat mini format. * small * handy * compact *. Now again with IC tag technology as originality proof. The large, blue depo..

Tanita KD-200-510 scale up to 5000 g

$76.00 Ex Tax: $76.00

Tanita KD-200-510 is precise scale has a removable weighing platform, tare function and gives readings in pounds/ounces and grams. The functional design makes cleaning easy. The sc..

Tanita KP-400M pocket scale, up to 400 g

$119.00 Ex Tax: $119.00

The Tanita KP-400 M digital pocket scale has a particularly large weighing surface. The measured values can be output in the units of gram, ounce, troy ounce and pennyweight. Prod..

Presidium diamonds carat scale, up to 20 g, 100 ct, readability 0,002 g

$255.00 Ex Tax: $255.00 out of stock

The Presidium carat scale is a compact scale that weighs gemstones precisely and reliably, even in continuous use. Each scale is supplied with a weight reference for internal start..

Kern CM 150-1N pocket balance

$79.00 Ex Tax: $79.00

The practical \"Kern CM 150-1N\" pocket balance with integrated pocket calculator.Functions:- tare function- pocket calculator- automatic switch off- backlit LCD displayTechnical d..

Tanita KD-321 digital scale up to 3000 grams (105oz)

$41.00 Ex Tax: $41.00 out of stock

Tanita KD-321 digital scale up to 3000 grams (105oz) Capacity: 3000 g Accuracy: 0,1 g up to 300 g 0,5 g up to 1500 g 1,0 g up to 3000 g Battery: 1 x Lithium Detachable tray..

Tanita 1479Z professional mini digital pocket scale 0.1g to 200g

$131.00 Ex Tax: $131.00

Tanita 1479Z pocket scale Digital pocket scale, in super-thin mini-format. * small * handy * compact * Functions: - tare function - automatic switch-off - pouch Technical details: ..

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