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Watch Dealers

Welcome to the Verified Watch Dealers page.

We, at BUZZUFY LLC, offer exclusive WhatsApp groups sales channels for watches, watch parts and watchmaker tools.  Our team does company checks on all watch dealers added to the groups to ensure only verified dealers are accepted. For the past months, our members has successfully completed hundreds of deals with access to amazing watch offers and dealer prices.

What can you expect to find in our groups?

a. Dozens of watch offers, parts and accessories on a daily basis 24/7.  We have members around the globe so it will be super easy to find local deals in your country and city.
b. Access to over 500+ dealers (and growing) from around the world - USA, Europe and Asia

Why do we add more members to our group?

a. By joining our exclusive watch dealers groups, you can sell / buy quickly, easily and safely without monthly recurring fees or commissions.

b. Because of the pandemic situation, difficult times for travel and many watch trade shows being cancelled, we decided to add the virtual marketplaces so we continue to do watch deals.

What are the requirements for group membership?

a. To be a member of our sales groups, you need to have a legally registered company anywhere in the world.
b. You will need to send company registration documents (company name, EIN (tax) number,  phone number, address) to our email dealers @ buzzufy . com or our WhatsApp number +1-212-518-1468
c. Once approved, there is a small annual fee of $100 to cover our cost to operate the groups.  This is less than $9 a month.  We DO NOT charge any commissions or referral fees. Annual fee payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or Crypto (bitcoin, ethereum, etc - ask us about the daily offer and quote).  It is important that the payment is made on behalf of an approved company so we can issue an invoice.

Can you test our sales group?

Yes, you can test for 24 hours FREE of charge and if you are happy with the service, then you can subscribe.

Contacts us for questions or to sign up:

Mail: dealers @ buzzufy . com
WhatsApp / SMS / Phone: +12125181468

WhatsApp group for private customers - exclusive offers for luxury watches

Looking for dealers special offers prices?  Below, you can join our retail whatsapp group, with daily dealers offers.  Offers are provided by VERIFIED DEALERS only.  It cost $50 per year to join.

Buy your luxury dream watch at dealers prices.

Below, you can join a Telegram group for person to person watch offers.  Theses are NOT offers from verified dealers and the groups' watch offers are not checked by a professional watch dealer.  You can join, post your watch offer and then it is up to you how to verify the buyer or seller.  FREE To join: