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Studex System 75 pistol professional piercing machine silence ear-piercer

Studex System 75 pistol professional piercing machine silence ear-piercer


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Studex System 75 pistol for piercing ear and nose lobes and cartilage. The kit includes a disposable cartridge with earrings and a marker to mark the point of puncture on the body.




The channel in which the cassette is inserted holds it firmly and securely.

The pistol (instrument) allows comfortable gripping.

Easy to clean chrome finish.

Low weight does not cause fatigue when carrying a weapon.

The pistol never touches the client's ear.


Disposable piercing cartridge


Ear tags and clasps are sterile and packages in a single sterile cartridge.

Cartridges are packaged in pairs and stitched together for convenience, but can be separated for a single piercing without compromising the sterility of the unused cartridge.

The earring is visible inside the package for easy identification.

The end of the earring is visible during piercing to make it easier to position and point precisely to the desired piercing point.

The clasp automatically closes the earring at a suitable distance from the ear to facilitate the healing process.


System 75 is designed to be easy to use with disposable piercing cartridges to meet the expectations of ear piercing professionals. The System 75 offers professionals many more benefits than any other piercing device available, including:


  1. The shape of the instrument fits snugly in the hand and ensures a firm and balanced grip during the puncture.

  2. The earring and clasp are mounted in a plastic liner, which is then packaged in a single transparent box and sterilized. The piercing cartridge is inserted into the gun and removed after piercing without touching the cartridge or ear tag. This ensures sterile conditions near the pierced ear to ensure both the client and the piercer.

  3. Each earring with a clasp is packed in its own sterile transparent box. Using one ear piercing one ear does not destroy the sterility of the other earring.

  4. The earring insert is designed so that the clasp is automatically attached to the earring, leaving the optimal distance between the skin and the earring and the clasp both in front and behind the earlobe. This space is especially important for proper ear rinsing and healing.

  5. The all-new piercing needle design ensures that the clasp is positioned correctly so that the piercing contractor does not have to manually readjust the clasp to the correct position.

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