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Renata watch and battery tester BWT-94

Renata watch and battery tester BWT-94

Brand: Renata

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Renata BWT-94 battery tester for 1,55 V silver oxide coins and 3 V lithium batteries. Including stepping motor test for a quick check without opening the watch.

Battery testing:

1. Select the battery type (Silver 1.55 V or Lithium 3.0 V) using the switch at the right of the device. The Silver 1.55 V position is also suitable for alkaline/manganese button cells.

2. Place the battery plus side down on the testing point and press the contact spring against the negative battery side.

3. The pointer of the measuring instrument should be withing the green dial area.

4. If the needle fails to reach the green area with the tester at correct setting, the battery is discharged and needs to be replaced. 

Important: Unclean batteries or contact areas of the tester may falsify test results.

General information:

1. Battery and watch testing functions are independent of each other. You may check a watch and test batteries at the same time.

2. Unlike the \"Watch Test\" circuit, battery testing requires no internal battery power and can be performed even if the tester\'s CR2430 lithium battery has run out.

3. To prevent incorrect \"Watch Test\" results, avoid close proximity to strong magnetic fields as generated by computer monitors, electronical motors, etc.


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