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Moebius 8300 classic soft grease for watches 20ml

Moebius 8300 classic soft grease for watches 20ml

  • Brand: Moebius
  • Product Code: 171037
  • SKU: T581615
  • UPC: 827156238305
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  • $25.00

Soft grease that has notable thixotropic properties and can be used in molten state. Vegetable oils as additive provide it excellent lubricity. This grease is especially recommended for the springs and functions of the winder mechanism or any other application subject to significant friction.

Fields of application: ball bearings, parts of mechanisms, Lubrication of slow mobiles submitted to significant pres-sure and torque (gearing, certain wheels,…), High friction systems submitted to moderate to high pres-sure (time setting, winding, calendar and chronograph mechanism,..)

Colour: colorless, yellowish
Drop point: 45°C
Viscosity at 40 °C: solid
Viscosity at 80 °C: 11 cst
Temperature range: -40 °C to +80 °C



Supplier/Part #:8300

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