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Moebius 8030 classic oil for pendulum and musical clocks 20ml

Moebius 8030 classic oil for pendulum and musical clocks 20ml

Brand: Moebius

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Moebius 8030 classic is a high-quality Swiss clock oil, unchangeable quality, which neither resinifies nor spreads. Moebius 8030 is a classic oil for pendulum clocks, musical clocks, actuator movements and precision engineering.

Fields of application: Lubrication of fast mobiles with low torque (pendulum pivots, escapements, certain wheels,…)

Colour: pale yellow
Viscosity at 0 °C: 440 cst
Viscosity at 20 °C: 115 cst
Viscosity at 40 °C: 47 cst
Temperature range: -20 °C to +80 °C



Supplier/Part #:581543


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Tags: Moebius, 8030, classic, oil, pendulum, musical, clocks, 20ml

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