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Junghans UTS W838 quartz clock movement 16mm

Junghans UTS W838 quartz clock movement 16mm

Brand: Junghans

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Junghans UTS W838 quartz clock movement 16mm

Quartz battery movement, sold in millions, flat separate movement with optimum dimensions and many possibilities for use. Reliable, high-performance and long-lasting. With seconds-timer stepper motor and sweep second-hand.

Fixing: central screw M10.0 mm
Size: B 56 x H 56/58 x D 17 mm
Installation Ø: 78 mm (without suspension)
Minute hole: 2.8 x 3.5 mm
Hour hole: Ø 5.0 mm


Supplier/Part #:170010


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Tags: Junghans, UTS, W838, quartz, clock, movement, 16mm, 838

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