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Hagerty multimedia spray 125ml

Hagerty multimedia spray 125ml

Brand: Hagerty

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With its antistatic effect, the HAGERTY Multimedia Spray is ideal for cleaning tablet, smartphone, phablet, e-reader, digital camera displays and computer screens. on the screen. The HAGERTY Multimedia Spray simply removes dirt and finger marks and also has an antistatic effect. The easy cleaning with instant results leaves no micro-scratches or marks on screens and displays. Hagerty’s special formula ensures that the product does not drip off after application. Smartphones, computers and tablets become clean again. Amazing product for cleaning TV, phones, digital cameras and any type of LCD, LED and OLED screens.

Instructions for use:

  • Turn off screen / display.
  • Spray the liquid onto a soft cloth (do not spray directly onto the screen/display).
  • Gently rub the screen until all traces are gone.
  • For even more efficiency: Use the soft High microfiber cloth Tech Cloth, it is ideal for cleaning Macbook screens, for example. This is how to clean your cell phone and tablet today.

WARNING: Do not use on TV screens.


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