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Etsyntha Uhrenöl Nr. 3-5 Synthetic Oil for Clocks 20ml Germany

Etsyntha Uhrenöl Nr. 3-5 Synthetic Oil for Clocks 20ml Germany

  • Brand: Etsyntha

  • Product Code: 171150
  • SKU: T581504
  • UPC: 827156238329
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $24.00

Dr. Tillwich Etsyntha Watch Oil "No. 3-5"

The partially-synthetic watch and instrument oil from Dr. Tillwich "Etsyntha" is a German quality product based on differet synthetic esters, natural hydrocarbons and polyalphaolefines. Aging stabilization combined with corrosion protection ensures its use in the field of watchmaking.

This partially-synthetic clock oil No. 3-5 is best suited for metallic sliding combinations, for springs and pivots bearings from 1mm to 5mm diameter in alarm clocks, wall clocks, pendulum clocks and switch-clocks.

The partially-synthetic watch oil grade 3-5 replaces the previous classic watch oils grade 3, 4 and 5.

Technical data:
Viscosity at 20°C: 140 (mm2/s)
Pour point: -15°C
Density at 20°C: 0.91 g/cm
Temperature application range: -10 to +80 °C



Supplier/Part #:581504

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