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EPISURF-Neo New Generation Epilame Agent 2 ml

EPISURF-Neo New Generation Epilame Agent 2 ml

  • Brand: Episurf-Neo

  • Product Code: 171375
  • SKU: T581588
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $12.50

Episurf-Neo is a new generation high performance epilame agent. An Epilame is a surface agent that prevents oil from spreading by reducing the surface tension of the treated material.

As compared to existing first generation epilame products that could whiten treated parts, Episurf-Neo results in no visual modification of the parts. The product also has improved efficiency, a higher resistance to washing cycles and is an environmentally responsible product. Episurf-Neo is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers: watch manufacturers and watch repair services.

Technical data:
surface tension: approx. 15 dyn/cm¹

Appearance: clear, colourless

Flash point: non-combustible

Boiling point: 110°C

Density: 1.58 g/cm³
Temperature resistance: up to -90°C

Boley special bottle for EPISURF-Neo epilame agent

Supplier/Part #:581588

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