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ELMA Antimag demagnetiser for watches, parts, tools

ELMA Antimag demagnetiser for watches, parts, tools

Brand: ELMA

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ELMA Antimag the demagnetiser for watches, made in Germany. The beat accuracy of watches is influenced by magnetism. The mechanical movement should be demagnetised either in the assembled or dismantled state after every service and cleaning. Particularly the balance spring, mainly for older movements, can have become magnetised over time. Any harmonic oscillation of the spring is then no longer possible: The watch does not run accurately. Tool can also represent a - source of danger - and transfer magnetism and should therefore be demagnetised before use with watch movements. Elma Antimag demagnetises complete mechanical watches, dismantled movement parts, watch case and watchmaker tools like screwdriver, tweezer etc. in milliseconds by pressing a button.

Power supply: 220-240 V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: 160 x 130 x 60 mm

Weight: 1.0 kg. 

ATTENTION: Do not place electrical or electronical watches on the Antimag for demagnetizing as this will affect the function of the watches.


1. Connect the unit to the mains.

2. Place parts to be demagnetized on mouting surface. Place small watch parts only in closed pastic bags on mouting surface.

3. Press operating button for approx. 1 second. The red LED isplay lights up for a short moment. The unit demagnetizes now in a fraction of a second the parts to be demagnetized.

Supplier/Part #:609085


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