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Citizen 295-55 (295-5500) capacitor battery for Eco-Drive watches 295-37

Citizen 295-55 (295-5500) capacitor battery for Eco-Drive watches 295-37

  • Brand: Citizen

  • Product Code: 219178
  • SKU: T0592
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  • $19.99

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Citizen 295-55 (295-5500) capacitor battery for Eco-Drive watches 295-37

Reference number: 295-55, 295-37

Fit for following calibers: Citizen 8510A, Citizen 8511A, Citizen 8512A, Citizen 8515A, Citizen 8625A, Citizen 8626A, Citizen 8627A, Citizen 8628A, Citizen 8629A, Citizen 8651, Citizen  8651M, Citizen A114A, Citizen A114, Citizen A119A, Citizen A119, Citizen A134A, Citizen A134, Citizen A139A, Citizen A139, Citizen A234A, Citizen A234, Citizen A239A, Citizen A239, Citizen E930M, Citizen F810M, Citizen F910M,  Miyota 8S11, Miyota 8T29 

Type: MT621

Where to find the Citizen movement number on your watch:
Citizen movement numbers are located on the back of your watch case. It is usually in XXXX-YYYY format with “XXXX” being the movement number. In this example photo, the “C650” is the movement number. Use this movement number as a reference to find the correct capacitor.


Supplier/Part #:914029537


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Tags: citizen, 295-55, 295-5500, battery, capacitor

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