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Boley cleaning pen for glass, case and dial

Boley cleaning pen for glass, case and dial

  • Brand: Boley
  • Product Code: 171093
  • SKU: T511238
  • UPC: 827156232099
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  • $14.00

This new special pen is perfect for cleaning the watch glasses, dials, bridges and plates of the movement. The soft and fine felt leaves no marks. On the back of the pen is a retractable brush, with which cases, bracelets etc. can be cleaned.

- Removes dust, grease stains, fingerprints etc.
- Gentle cleaning
- Cleaning tip interchangeable
- Do not dry out


Cleaning pen incl. Retractable brush and round, flat felt insert.

(Other shapes like triangular, concave, etc. can be ordered separately)

Dimensions (Ø x L): 20 x 115 mm

Weight: 16 g



Supplier/Part #:511238

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