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Bergeon 7815 Master Service watch repair kit

Bergeon 7815 Master Service watch repair kit

Brand: Bergeon

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Bergeon 7815 master tools set comes ready for your next repair with 46 tools and replacement tips in a hard plastic carrying case. Contains some of Bergeon's most popular Swiss made watch repair tools. The kit includes: multi-use bracelet press, JAXA case opener with 4 different style pins, an eye loupe, 5 screwdrivers (1.00-2.00mm) with spare blades, a leather buff with protector sleeve, spring bar tool with spare points, microfiber cloth, plastic tweezer, non-magnetic stainless tweezer, small ruler, wrist measuring band, case opening knife, watch band holding block, flat nose pliers, 6 plastic boxes, and air blower. All these tools make changing batteries, adjusting bracelets and other repairs easy! 

Kit includes:

  • Multi-Use bracelet press (8745)
  • Swiss made JAXA wrench with 12 pins in 4 shapes (2819)
  • Case opening knife (4932)
  • Swiss 4x eye loupe (2611-2.5)
  • Anti-magnetic stainless steel tweezer (7026-1)
  • Leather polishing buff with protective cover (1282-A)
  • Spring bar tool with spare points (3153)
  • Watch band holding block (6744-P)
  • Soft-air blower (30540)
  • Plastic battery tweezer (6460-P)
  • 5 stainless steel screwdrivers and spare blades: 1.00, 1.20, 1.40, 1.60, 2.00mm (30081 series)
  • 6 transparent storage tubes (2963-B)
  • Microfiber cloth (7039)
  • Flat nose pliers (2510-N)
  • Wrist measuring gauge (6789-N)
  • Small 75mm ruler (2819-08-R)



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