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Bergeon 1467-1 Eyeglass Loupe 10x for watchmakers

Bergeon 1467-1 Eyeglass Loupe 10x for watchmakers

  • Brand: Bergeon
  • Product Code: 218655
  • SKU: T0074
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $65.00

Bergeon 1467-1 - For efficient work, the strength (magnification x10) of the eyeglass must be adapted to each individual job. A reliable magnification should be used for ordinary work, this avoids eyestrain!Eyeglasses with a high degree of magnification are to be used for limited periods only. As you will see, our eyeglasses are available different strengths; you can thus choose the one that suits you best. As these glasses are inexpensive, we would advise you to keep a set giving different degrees of magni-fication.


Supplier/Part #:1467-1

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