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Lindstrom TRX 8180 diagonal strong cutter pliers

Lindstrom TRX 8180 diagonal strong cutter pliers

Brand: Lindström

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Lindstrom TRX 8180 is high-quality and strong diagonal cutter with oval head and high-alloy ball bearing steel for extremely long service life. Finest processing, cutting and head are computer-ground.

• Heavy duty cutter
• Handles with two-component combination, which gives superior grip
• Cutting capacity: 4.5 mm Cu, 3 mm Fe+ & 2.5 mm of piano wire
• Equipped with a return spring featuring & on/off function
• High performance alloyed steel
• Burnished finish, anti-corrosion treated
• High leverage side cutting pliers
• Induction-hardened cutting edges
• Progressive edges: the cutting radius progresses along the edge in order to cut hard material
• Piano wire close to the joint & soft materials like copper & plastic insulated wire at the tip
• Screw joint provides excellent running & accurate alignment of the cutting edges
• High leverage: redesigned for optimum cutting performance & reduced cutting effort

Design: with small bevel (flush)
Capacity: up to 4.50 mm (copper wire)
Capacity: up to 3.00 mm (iron wire)
Capacity: up to 2.50 mm (piano wire)
Cutting edges: 63-65 HRC
Handles: isloated handles (ESD)
Dimensions (A x B x C x D): 210 x 21 x 29 x 11 mm
Length: 210 mm
Weight: 304 g


Supplier/Part #:517012


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