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Boley stainless steel tweezers with carbon fibre points 130mm

Boley stainless steel tweezers with carbon fibre points 130mm

Brand: Boley

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Precision Boley tweezers in best Swiss manufacture quality. Antimagnetic made of stainless steel with special produced carbon fibre points. Ideal for working with sensible workpieces, e.g. electronic sparepieces in order to prevent scratches and damages. Heat resistant untill 300ยฐC as well as chemical-resistant. Pointes can be exchanged.

โ€“ high strength
โ€“ chemical resistance (oils, greases, cleaning solutions)
โ€“ non-conductive

Technical dates:
Pointes: carbon fibre
Material: Stainless steel
Width (B): 1,0 mm
Height (C): 2,0 mm
Length: 130 mm
Weight: 18 g


Supplier/Part #:513160


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