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Paris Oxide for blackening silver and copper 20 ml

Paris Oxide for blackening silver and copper 20 ml

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Paris oxide is used for blackening silver and copper and their corresponding alloys. It produces a
durable, anthracite-coloured tone which can subsequently be varied by brushing or polishing.
Paris oxide contains small quantities of palladium.

How to use:
The pieces to be treated are first of all electrolytically degreased, so that when they are
coloured, there are no weak spot caused by inadequate surface-moistening. The colouring itself
is carried out either by painting with a hair brush or by immersing a number of times in in the
undiluted solution. After treatment, allow the part(s) to dry in the open air – do not rinse!
Thereafter, the surface can be toned down as required with a mild polish on the buffing disc or
with pumice flour on a brush washed over the surface.

Paris oxide contains flammable solvents and thus it must not be heated up.

Contents: 20 ml

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