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Bergeon 6016 chronograph separating wedge tool for wheels and hands

Bergeon 6016 chronograph separating wedge tool for wheels and hands

  • Brand: Bergeon

  • Product Code: 171124
  • SKU: T513330
  • UPC: 762319127334
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $49.00

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Bergeon 6016 chronograph separating wedge for wheels and hands

The separating wedge is a practical tool for removing third wheels, second- and minute hands, transfer wheels on chronographs and rollers.

Color on the hand: Graphite

Push the IDEAL tool as far as you can between the parts you want to separate, with the white spot on top. Turn it 1/8-turn to the left, then to the right. Gradually, the two parts will begin to separate, you must then ease the tool further between them and continue until the parts are separated.

Ø: 1.10 mm
Weight: 9 g




Supplier/Part #:513330


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Tags: Bergeon, 6016, chronograph, separating, wedge, tool, wheels, hands

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