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Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane
1 March, 2021
Nomos Glashütte is known for its minimalist design palate, accessible in-house movements and collaborations with designers from outside the watch world. During Baselworld 2018, the German brand introduced its latest watch collection, which spawned from a relationship with the award-winning German furniture designer Werner Aisslinger. The new line is also inspired by something distinctly Teutonic: the Autobahn. Named after the massive highway system that is famous for its lack of a speed limit, the new collection immediately separates itself from any previous Nomos edition thanks to the curved luminous half-ring in the center of the watch. This ring is extremely bright, and one interesting detail is that it runs from 4 o’clock to 8 ’clock, which, being the night hours, is the only time you might need the lume to function. Inspired by race tracks, and the high-speed motor vehicles that traverse them, the watch maintains the spartan aesthetic Nomos fans appreciate while adding a bit of fast-moving zest. The date window spreads itself out from 5 to 7 o’clock, making it three numerals wide, and the small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock matches the dial symmetry. The dial is made from one single plate rather than using a separate material for the seconds subdial. If you notice the curve of the rehaut, then you can see how the dial moves gradually from the top of the crystal at the edge, to moving slightly upwards where the applied lume half-ring is located, before dipping down at the seconds subdial. This creates a really interesting depth perspective that is unlike any other timepiece and needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The watch itself is 41 mm in diameter and maintains a water resistance of 100 meters. Most Nomos models pride themselves on the ability to be fluid between genders; however, the specific sizing choice and overall masculine tone of these new timepieces help tailor them toward the male side of the spectrum. The new Autobahn comes in three different color versions: white silverplated, sports gray and midnight blue. Price: $4,800.
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