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Connoisseur 20x jeweler's diamond loupe magnifier with UV and LED light

Connoisseur 20x jeweler's diamond loupe magnifier with UV and LED light

Brand: Connoisseur

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Connoisseur 20x professional loupe magnifier for jewellers and watchmakers with UV and LED light.

  • Movable hood, which can accurately switch gears in the microscopic and refracted areas to achieve microscopic identification and micro trace identification
  • GCD optical microscopy system, 7-layer optical lens, achromatic
  • The objective lens of the magnifying glass can be raised and lowered to freely adjust the distance of the objective lens from the observation object
  • Touch switch, the third gear is free to control, the switch can be used for a long time, more than 100,000 times
  • Our lighting source uses LED light-emitting diode of 5500k-6000k color temperature, long service life
  • Charging: USB

3 modes light:
Cool white light: 6500K
UV light: 365nm
Warm white light: 3500K 



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