Seiko Quartz Watch Digital Type Technical Guide 1980

Seiko Digital Quartz Watch is a highly reliable, all-solid-state liquid crystal display watch.
Seiko’s most advanced technology in high-precision technology and electronics has been incorporated in it as like
the analogue quartz watch.
Unline the analogue quartz watch, Seiko Digital Quartz Watch has no mechanical elements such as hands and gear train.
All its functions are electronically controlled. The time is displayed on a liquid crystal panel digitally instead of by hands.


– Clear-cut digital display
Seiko Digital Quartz Watch uses a high-quality FE type nematic liquid crystal display which is excellent in color balance, constrast, and brightness,
showing a clear-cut digital display on a wide display panel.

– Solid-state accuracy from quartz crystal oscillation
Seiko Digital Quartz Watch runs on a quartz crystal oscillator with a stable 32,768 Hz, showing the high timing

– High reliability from rationalized structural design
All key components such as liquid crystal panel and electronic circuit are manufactured according to SEIKO’s most
advanced technology and its long experience, and their reliability is exceptionally high.

– Easy-to-maintain
The components consist of simplified blocks which facilitate repair service.

– Proof against magnetism
Seiko Digital Quartz Watch has no mechanical moving parts such as magnetic transducers and is insusceptible to magnetism.

– Diversified functions
Seiko Digital Quartz Watch is available in various models for customer’s selection. Depending on the Calibre
complete calendar function (year, month, date, day of the week), stopwatch function, and other various functions
are provided in addition to the time display.

Download – Seiko Quartz Watch Digital Type Technical Guide 1980.pdf

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