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Glashütte Original stands for innovation at the highest level in the German art of watchmaking. As a leading brand in the prestige segment of the market, the manufactory fuses traditional horological craftsmanship with innovative production methods under one roof. Up to 95 percent of all the individual components of a watch are made in-house, including the highly sophisticated dials.

Watches made in Glashütte have long been valued around the world for their high-quality mechanics, elaborate finishes and timeless elegance. Timepieces from our manufactory are the product of the best in German engineering and craftsmanship, exemplifying a successful synthesis of technical sophistication, reliable precision and timeless design.

Precision timekeepers from Glashütte have also been used as reliable instruments for navigation and for determining one’s location on land, at sea and in the air. For several generations, the watchmakers of Glashütte Original continued to look to the “instrument watch” as a source of inspiration. Based on this wealth of experience and historic heritage, Glashütte Original has launched a new collection – the Spezialist.

In debuts with the SeaQ diver’s watch, which unites history and future in exemplary fashion. The engineers and watchmakers at Glashütte Original set maximum reliability as the central premise in the development of the SeaQ, with DIN and ISO testing to meet the most stringent German and international quality standards in terms of water resistance, legibility, shock resistance, and resistance to salt water, among many other criteria.

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