Ulysse Nardin

The Freak Vision

The Freak has returned. During SIHH, Ulysse Nardin updated its most prominent watch with new technology first seen last year inside the Innovision II.

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While the Innovision II was just a concept watch, its ideas have been fleshed out into what UN is calling the Freak Vision, which is set to become a regular production model for the brand. This is good news for watch enthusiasts who are particularly interested in owning groundbreaking watches that use innovative materials.

Other design tweaks that differentiate the Freak Vision from its predecessors include a new 3-D-carved upper bridge that’s inspired by a boat’s hull, a box-domed sapphire that allows for a thinner middle area and bezel, and an entirely new case with rubber on the sides.

The balance wheel, which Ulysse Nardin famously introduced in silicon inside the first Freak in 2001, has been updated once again to include nickel elements to make it even lighter.

Other technical firsts include the Ulysse Nardin Anchor Escapement and a grinder automatic winding system, which connects the oscillating rotor to a frame with four arms, providing twice the torque, while a flexible guidance mechanism limits friction. The watch has a 45-mm platinum case and is priced at $95,000.

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