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Combining an unmatched heritage of innovation with today’s most advanced technology and craftsmanship, the Prospex LX stands as a signature achievement in Seiko’s renowned history of sports watch excellence. Since the introduction of its first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko has been recognized as a leader for those who demand the highest degree of reliability and durability. Powered by Seiko’s proprietary Spring Drive technology, which combines a precision mechanically driven movement with a quartz regulator, the LX line achieves an astounding accuracy of +/-1 second per day.

The LX line was developed in collaboration with Ken Okuyama Design. With his international experience in the design of automobiles and other high-profile products, Ken Okuyama brings his own special creativity to Prospex LX.

Mirroring the robust lines of Seiko’s famous 1968 saturation diver, the Prospex LX also provides enhanced wearability and attention to detail. The center of gravity of the case is lower to ensure a more comfortable fit on any wrist, while the upper side of the case is set at a more pronounced angle to allow the Zaratsu-polished surfaces to shine more brightly.

While the heart of the watch is its superior functionality for trusted performance on the land, in the sea or in the sky, its spirit is light itself, with the name LX suggesting the Latin word for light as it is reflected in the broad, flat sculpture of each case.

In addition to three versions in a light color titanium, the LX line offers a special series of three all-black interpretations. Stripped of all color and reduced to its essentials, the simplicity and strength of the LX line asserts itself in this quietly dramatic design.

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