Moebius 8981 Epilam Fixodrop ES Mechanical Watches and Quartz 2ml

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Product Name: Fixodrop ES / BS 8981 (formerly Fixodrop FK / BS 8941) - 2ml


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Moebius Epilam Fixodrop ES

Almost all cases of uncontrolled oil-spread can be combated by the use of Fixodrop ES. Applying an epilam coating brings long-term assurance for minimum additional cost. It is indispensable if mechanisms have to remain functional with very thin, wide-temperature-range oils over a long period of time.

Fixodrop ES/BS was specially developed for the treatment of rubies, steel, brass and other metals. Suitable for mechanical watches and quartz movements of all sizes and designs.

Product Name: Fixodrop ES / BS 8981 (formerly Fixodrop FK / BS 8941) – 2ml

Technical data – solvent:
Active ingredient: fluorinated polyester
Solvent: fluorinated carbon
Density: 1.68 g/cm³
Boiling point: 56 °C
Flashpoint: non-flammable
Toxicity: non-toxic

Technical data – film:
Film thickness: approx. 0.01 – 0.05 µm
Surface tension: approx. 11 dyn/cm¹
Temperature resistant to 200 °C

Moebius 8981 Epilam Fixodrop



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