Headband magnifier Optivisor DA-5 Donegan glass lenses x2.5

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Headband magnifier Optivisor DA-5


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Headband magnifier Optivisor DA-5

Precision headband magnifier with ground and polished binocular optical lenses. Ideal for all work where both hands are needed. With the laterally mounted adjusting screws, the inclination can be freely adjusted and the visor can be folded upwards at any time. Also suitable for spectacle wearers and for use with safety glasses. A lined leather strap with felt cover ensures pleasant wearing comfort. The magnifying lens can be quickly replaced with two screws.

Brand: Optivisor DA-5
Strength: 4.0
Magnification: 2.5x
Head circumference: 52 to 63 cm
Weight: 265 g

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