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Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115

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For the Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115, Oris’s watchmakers took the spirit of Calibre 110 and imagined a fully skeletonised Oris movement. Traditionally, skeletonisation provided a window for a watchmaker’s talents, but this movement had higher ambitions. It had to reconnect people to how things work.

The Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115 lays bare its inner workings. Nothing is hidden. Even the barrel at 12 o’clock is skeletonised so you can see the extended mainsping. Winding the crown, you watch on as the mainspring coils tighter and tighter until it’s fully wound and ready to deliver 10 days of uninterrupted power.

Nothing deflects from this. Calibre 115’s skeletonised bridges are matte grey, rather than polished or engraved. Look at the movement under a loupe and you will see the edges have not been chamfered or beveled. Instead, they have been left in their natural state.

Inspired by the striking aesthetic of the movement, Oris’s designers created a bold, dynamic case that captured both the company’s pilot’s watch history and the future relevance of mechanical watchmaking. It’s based on a traditional concept, but future-driven. It’s muscular and assured.

It also explains the evolution of luxury. Luxury is no longer showy or indulgent. It’s now about appreciation of quality, time and space. Oris calls it casual luxury, which isn’t forced or inconsiderate. It’s measured and informed. It’s authentic. That’s why there are no unnecessary dtails in the watch.

No flashy color palette. No pointless complications. It’s essential. It’s crafted. It’s alive. The wearer of this watch is on an adventure of discovery. They want to learn more about the world and themselves. They want access to a new level of understanding. That’s what it means to Go Your Own Way.

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