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How to find out which is the right battery for Citizen Eco Drive watch

How to find out which is the right battery for Citizen Eco Drive watch
1 June, 2021

In this article we will help you find out which is the right battery for your Citizen Eco Drive watch. Since different watches have different quartz movements that use different types of batteries (those with different thickness, voltage and diameter), it is best to find out which caliber is your mechanism to get the right battery for it. To do this, turn the watch from the back, you will see the engraved caliber and serial number of your watch.


The caliber here is E110, the case number is K15699, you can determine the exact battery model, which in this case is a battery 295-51 (295-5100).

Be sure the watch has been properly charged (by adequate exposure to the sun or wrist movement) before considering replacing. Replace it only if the problem is determined to be the capacitor.

Here you can find a list of the most used batteries for Citizen Eco Drive:

Caliber 850295-29Caliber A239295-55Caliber E001295-51Caliber H030295-753
Caliber 855295-29Caliber A270295-44Caliber E010295-51Caliber H050295-753
Caliber 870295-29Caliber A310295-41Caliber E011295-51Caliber H054295-753
Caliber 875295-29Caliber A315295-41Caliber E013295-51Caliber H058295-753
Caliber 0W50295-29Caliber A710295-56Caliber E030295-51Caliber H059295-753
Caliber 3730295-33Caliber A715295-56Caliber E031295-51Caliber H100295-753
Caliber 4800295-29Caliber A730295-56Caliber E068295-51Caliber H106295-753
Caliber 4801295-29Caliber A735295-56Caliber E100295-51Caliber H109295-753
Caliber 5080295-39Caliber A780295-56Caliber E101295-51Caliber H10A295-753
Caliber 5700295-51Caliber A784295-56Caliber E106295-51Caliber H10B295-753
Caliber 6826295-33Caliber A786295-56Caliber E110295-51Caliber H110295-753
Caliber 7810295-57Caliber A930295-76Caliber E111295-51Caliber H111295-753
Caliber 7811295-57Caliber A980295-76Caliber E168295-51Caliber H112295-753
Caliber 7812295-57Caliber B020295-76Caliber E210295-69Caliber H113295-753
Caliber 7815295-57Caliber B023295-76Caliber E310295-69Caliber H115295-753
Caliber 7817295-57Caliber B030295-76Caliber E410295-51Caliber H116295-753
Caliber 7820295-34Caliber B031295-76Caliber E510295-56Caliber H117295-753
Caliber 7821295-56Caliber B033295-76Caliber E511295-56Caliber H119295-753
Caliber 7828295-56Caliber B035295-76Caliber E600295-69Caliber H11A295-753
Caliber 7870295-34Caliber B080295-76Caliber E610295-69Caliber H128295-753
Caliber 7871295-56Caliber B110295-51Caliber E650295-69Caliber H144295-753
Caliber 7872295-34Caliber B117295-51Caliber E670295-69Caliber H145295-753
Caliber 7873295-56Caliber B230295-60Caliber E690295-69Caliber H148295-753
Caliber 7875295-34Caliber B232295-60Caliber E710295-56Caliber H149295-753
Caliber 7876295-56Caliber B234295-60Caliber E711295-56Caliber H162295-753
Caliber 7877295-34Caliber B235295-60Caliber E712295-56Caliber H176295-753
Caliber 7878295-56Caliber B236295-60Caliber E715295-56Caliber H183295-753
Caliber 7879295-56Caliber B237295-60Caliber E716295-56Caliber H246295-753
Caliber 8510295-55Caliber B510295-56Caliber E717295-56Caliber H410295-56
Caliber 8511295-55Caliber B515295-56Caliber E760295-56Caliber H411295-56
Caliber 8512295-55Caliber B560295-56Caliber E761295-56Caliber H412295-56
Caliber 8515295-55Caliber B620295-56Caliber E765295-56Caliber H430295-56
Caliber 8625295-55Caliber B690295-39Caliber E766295-56Caliber H460295-56
Caliber 8626295-55Caliber B740295-56Caliber E767295-56Caliber H461295-56
Caliber 8627295-55Caliber B741295-56Caliber E768295-56Caliber H500295-51
Caliber 8628295-55Caliber B745295-56Caliber E810295-56Caliber H501295-51
Caliber 8629295-55Caliber B800295-56Caliber E811295-56Caliber H504295-51
Caliber 8635295-33Caliber B810295-56Caliber E812295-56Caliber H509295-51
Caliber 8637295-33Caliber B870295-56Caliber E816295-56Caliber H570295-51
Caliber 8651295-55Caliber B872295-56Caliber E817295-56Caliber H571295-51
Caliber 8729295-33Caliber B873295-56Caliber E820295-56Caliber H610295-69
Caliber 8730295-33Caliber B876295-56Caliber E860295-56Caliber H611295-69
Caliber 9410295-31Caliber B877295-56Caliber E865295-56Caliber H820295-753
Caliber 9415295-31Caliber B910295-56Caliber E870295-56Caliber J015295-763
Caliber 9417295-31Caliber A239295-51Caliber E930295-55Caliber J145295-763
Caliber 9447295-31Caliber BP10295-60Caliber F780295-76Caliber J165295-763
Caliber 9448295-31Caliber BR10295-56Caliber F810295-55Caliber J304295-56
Caliber 9455295-31Caliber C601295-38Caliber F910295-55Caliber J620295-67
Caliber 9457295-31Caliber C605295-38Caliber G430295-51Caliber J621295-67
Caliber 5L81295-39Caliber C615295-38Caliber G431295-51Caliber J810295-51
Caliber 7W21295-56Caliber C650295-56Caliber G504295-51Caliber U100295-69
Caliber 7W71295-56Caliber C651295-56Caliber G530295-51Caliber U101295-69
Caliber 8S11295-55Caliber C652295-56Caliber G620295-67Caliber U106295-69
Caliber 8T29295-55Caliber C660295-56Caliber G670295-67Caliber U107295-69
Caliber A100295-51Caliber C690295-44Caliber G671295-67Caliber U200295-69
Caliber A114295-55Caliber D600295-53Caliber G820295-66Caliber U600295-69
Caliber A119295-55Caliber D700295-64Caliber G870295-66Caliber U608295-69
Caliber A134295-55Caliber D706295-64Caliber G900295-69U680Caliber 295-69
Caliber A139295-55Caliber D710295-64Caliber G910295-69Caliber U700295-69
Caliber A160295-44Caliber D716295-64Caliber H010295-753Caliber U706295-69
Caliber A234295-55Caliber E000295-51Caliber H018295-753  

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