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Ebay or Buzzufy

What is the difference in buying from our website or our ebay store.


1. Better pricing – Most of our items will sell for LESS on due to no ebay fees that we are passing as savings to our clients.

2. Direct email and phone sales support.

3. Cheaper shipping or no shipping at all (via promotions).

4. More inventory available.

5. Pay with bitcoin for your orders.


1. Build feedback for your account.

2. Combine purchases from other sellers as well.

3. Use your ebay bucks (points).

Checkout our eBay Buzzuy store here >> (selling on eBay since 2007 with 100% positive feedback).

Both website and ebay store purchases come with:

1. Exceptional customer service.

2. Satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Tracking for all orders.

4. Great and rare vintage watches and parts available.