MR-G “Urushi”

The pure black beauty of Japanese lacquerware “Urushi” with gold and red accents.

Majestic beauty in a mid-size MR-G.

Shock-resistant full-metal design with Bluetooth

Radio-controlled solar-powered timekeeping.

Introducing a new, elegantly beautiful titanium model from the mid-size series of the G-SHOCK MR-G flagship lineup. Everything possible has been done to reflect the metal crafting aesthetics of armor, swords, and other Japanese arms, which have been symbols of power in Japan since time immemorial.

The case and band are made of titanium that has been deep surface hardened and then given a titanium carbide finish, which creates a beautiful lustrous silver color. The bezel is then given a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that gives it a bold and intrepid black color. All of this is offset by the vivid red accents on the face that evoke images of red braided armor that adds an imposing majesty to the metal and creates a sense of power. Functions include Bluetooth, time correction using time calibration signals, and smartphone linking capabilities.

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