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Boley universal polystyrene stick cleaning 150mm

Boley universal polystyrene stick cleaning 150mm

  • Brand: Boley
  • Product Code: 171601
  • SKU: T0475
  • UPC: 762319131072
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Boley rigid plastic stick made of reinforced polyamide fibers with very high stretch properties. Very resistant to pressure, cleaning and solvents, one end pointed – bent and one end flat 4mm. Ideal for pressing or lifting sensitive components such as Bridges or wheels. This rod can also be used as a cleaning stick, as well as a solder remover for testing the solder joints, since it is heat resistant up to 260 °C.

Technical specifications:
Straight side: flat 4mm
Round tip – curved: Ø 5mm
Length: 150 mm

Weight 8 g



Supplier/Part #:513822

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