About Us

Who we are?

–  We are 2 young men that love watches, especially vintage ones that have some history and potential growing value.

What you can find in our web shop? 

– Vintage watches, pocket watches, movements, watch parts and watchmaker tools.

– In our store you can see watches from famous brands like: Omega, Rolex, Zenith, Longines, Eberhard & Co, Tudor, IWC, Breitling, Baume & Mercier, Heuer, Lemania, Tissot, Universal Geneve, Ulysse Nardin and many more.

Where are we based?

–  Our operational office is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.  We also visit New York often, and have virtual office there primarily for our business operations.  Please check with us if the watch you’d like to buy would be shipped out from Bulgaria or USA. We keep inventory in both places.

What do we do?

–  We find exclusive great vintage items in the region, the whole European market, and offer them to our clients, worldwide renowned collectors and investors.  Both of us go to numerous cities and meet some great people, with great collection of watches and parts.  Some of the watches we find and buy may need small repairs, which we do with an experienced watchmaker that works with us.  After we inspect the items, and make sure we are satisfied with the quality and value of all vintage items, we list them our website – Buzzufy.

Why do we love our job?

–  Both of us started this business as a hobby, but as we were increasing our collection of amazing vintage items, we decided to turn it into normal business operation.  We did this, because we started to have more and more clients asking us to find great vintage watches and parts.  We love what we do, we love the trips we make to all of our clients and suppliers, and we love to see our clients happy — after they receive the products they purchase from us.

As always, we appreciate any feedback or comments you have about the website, our operations, etc.  Please Contact us – support@buzzufy.com


“Gotze Delchev” street # 12B

Petrich 2850, Bulgaria